Chiropractic Testimonials

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Chiro-Med Health and Wellness - Orland Park patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Eric Miller

Years of Aches and Pains

Dr. Miller and Staff,

After suffering with aches and pains in my back for years, I sought treatment from several medical doctors beginning in 1996. I was advised from various doctors that I had arthritis. After taking numerous medications for years, the problem never ceased. I am now convinced that their diagnosis of my problems were not accurate.

In February of 2003 my wife read an advertisement in the newspaper in reference to Chiro-Med Health and Wellness Centers in Orland Park and Crestwood. The ad stated that they could treat my pain without medication.

On my first set of x-rays, Dr. Miller pointed out a badly curved spine and pelvis that was out of alignment, because my right leg was 7/8ths of an inch shorter than my left leg.

Dr. Miller evaluated the MRI taken by my previous doctors 3 years earlier and he pointed out the fact that the same curvature was showing. I am convinced I was getting the wrong diagnosis and treatment for eight years from regular X-rays, nuclear X-rays, and MRIs from previous doctors.

After explaining my options, Dr. Miller started therapy with me and the results were outstanding. I felt so much better.

I am thankful to Dr. Miller and his professional staff for assisting me to be able to move my body in a normal fashion and finally be able to go up and down stairs without pain.

Thank you very much!

- J.M.

Thanks For Your Concern

"I called and was seen that day thanks for your concern for my health."

- D.T.

Avoided Hip and Knee Surgery

“I feel ten years younger than when I came in. At 68 years old my knees and hips are virtually pain free because of the great combined effort, I avoided hip and knee surgery. Outstanding staff!”

- F.R.

Improved Movement

“I feel great! I have such improved movement that I have also become more active. I would recommend Chiropractic care to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life.”

- L.V.

Sports Injuries

“I trust Dr. Miller so much that he was the first person I called when my two daughters were injured in sports activities. He cared for them and fixed their issues quickly.”

- B.R.

No More Medication!

“I feel great!! I no longer take any medication for pain. I am so excited to have seen the before and after x-rays. I was shocked! When I first came in I felt like it was so amazing that I didn’t have more pain (based on the x-rays).”

- D.R.

Always Takes Time for my Questions

“I feel that staying under his care has been the best thing for me. I particularly like that Dr. Miller has explained my care and always takes time for my many questions.”

- M.L.

Feeling Better

“I am very appreciative of the doctors and the staff for helping me feel better.”

- L.S.

Walking Upright Now

“When I first started coming for care I was walking in a bent over position and was in so much pain in my hip and lower back, I could hardly bare it. Now, I am walking upright and with less pain. I never thought that I would enjoy going to a doctors office. I thank god for dedicated doctors.”

- M.L.

Can Go Up and Down Stairs Without Pain

“I am very thankful to Dr. Miller and his professional staff for assisting me to be able to move my body in a normal fashion and go up and down stairs without pain!”

- J.M.

Pain and Medication Free

“For as long as I can remember I had suffered with leg problems. Finally I went to Mayo Clinic where I was diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome…. I had become accustomed to having almost constant discomfort in my legs. After 10 visits to Dr. Miller, I was pain and medication free for the longest period I could remember in my 62 years.”

- A.R.

Feeling Great

"Thank you Dr. Miller! I tell everyone how great you’ve made me feel!”

- D.R.


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