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Chiropractor Orland Park IL Eric Miller

Clinic Director & Chiropractor

Dr. Eric Miller D.C.

Three different orthopedic surgeons told me I had no other choice besides surgery and the prognosis was not very good at all. Luckily, my parents were familiar with chiropractic!

After suffering a sports-related injury that left me with a compression fracture in my spine at the age of nineteen, I was left feeling as if there was really no hope for living a normal life. I had to walk with a cane to classes and relied on Vicodin for pain relief. Even the surgeons told me that after surgery I would not be able to function normally and would have to find an occupation where I could sit behind a desk. Thankfully, I sought the opinion of my father’s chiropractic physician.

He told me that I was already healing normally and that there was no need for surgery. The body was healing like it should and in a short time, treatment would return my health back to pre-injury status. Three months after that, I was able to work out at the gym and could even run again.

It was that experience that really led me down the path to becoming a chiropractic physician. I had worked in a V.A. hospital while going through undergrad and was interested in becoming a physician, but I had not made my decision where to specialize. After suffering my own back injury and regaining my health in less than four months after being told I would suffer for the rest of my life, my decision was made.

I saw people getting better and the energy in the office was so different than what I was accustomed to in the hospital setting. I knew that chiropractic was for me!


Dr. Eric Miller began his pre-chiropractic curriculum at EIU where he majored in Human Biology and minored in Psychology. He was a member of the Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society as well as the Pre-Med National Honor Society.

After completing his study there, he was accepted to the prestigious National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois. During his time there, Dr. Miller developed an affinity towards spinal biomechanics, human physiology, x-ray diagnosis and chiropractic adjusting techniques. He graduated fourth in his class in August of 1991 and became state licensed in both Texas and Illinois. The Crestwood Chiro-Med location was opened in 1992.

We have highly specialized training and use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment

The doctors of Chiro-Med have highly specialized training and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment utilized to provide an accurate diagnosis and implement a quicker, more effective personalized treatment program. We use treatments to help relieve discomfort by restoring mobility and improving proper flow of nerve impulses which enable the body to function properly and aid in the healing process.

We specialize in the treatment of pain caused by irritation to the body’s neurological and musculoskeletal systems. Physical therapy, rehabilitation, massage therapy, nutritional therapy and chiropractic manipulative techniques are the treatments of choice for most spinal-related conditions such as back pain, neck pain and headaches.

“Every patient is different and we want to make a tremendous impact on a person’s health and wellness through an informative and interactive approach. We want our patients to succeed.”

Outside the Office

Dr. Miller and his wife, Tammy have recently added another son, Bryson, to their already large family. Bryson is the youngest brother to 7 siblings: Tyler (9), Madison (11), Morgan (14), Brandon (15), Ricki (17), Chris (23) and Johnny (24).

“The Brady Bunch has nothing on us! When we have spare time, we love to go to oceanfront destinations to enjoy deep-sea fishing, body surfing, and snorkeling. We like to spend time on our weekends riding motorcycles when we aren’t attending sporting events with the kids.

“I have treated over 16,000 people so far in my 19-year career. I could not have done this without chiropractic.

Chiropractic can be a fairly physical job. I need to be adjusted, work out, and eat right to be able to meet my health related goals. Luckily, I have been blessed with a fantastic staff to that helps me to attain my goals every day. Who said I would have to have a sit down job for the rest of my life?

“Thank you much for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and hopefully being able to meet your healthcare needs. Give one of our offices a call, or email me using the link below and let’s arrange a time for you to take your first steps toward better health.”

Chiropractor Orland Park IL Eric Miller With Family


Chiropractor Orland Park IL Ronald Berger


Dr. Ronald Berger D.C.

It has been my experience that those who enter the chiropractic profession do so because of the life-changing impact that chiropractic has had on their own health. That has certainly been the case for me as well, and why I’m so passionate about delivering that same experience for others.

I always knew I wanted to enter the healthcare field, so I started seeing a chiropractor in college to learn more about the profession and explore my options. I did not have any significant pain issues, so my expectations were more to satisfy my curiosity. But then amazing things started to happen. My lifelong allergies began to disappear. My vertigo became almost non-existent. I slept better, had more energy, and my grades improved because I had better focus.

I learned that these things were made possible because chiropractic allows for a more normal nervous system function, which in turn allows for the body to function the way it was meant to. It really bothered me that no one had ever explained this to me before and that there’s a large segment of the population that is needlessly suffering because they don’t have the information they need to pursue better health. My mission as a chiropractor is to help and educate the community at large to achieve their maximum human potential so that they can continue to do the things they love.


After his life-changing experience with chiropractic, Dr. Berger changed majors to graduate with a degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry at Illinois State University.

From there, Dr. Berger was accepted into Palmer Chiropractic College, the fountainhead of the profession. He graduated in 2009, taking an interest in kinesiology and muscle function, as well as lab-based nutrition.

Delivering world-class care

Dr. Berger has helped thousands of patients while being in practice for the past 13 years. In June 2022, he joined the staff of Dr. Eric Miller at Chiro-Med Health & Wellness Center. “I was very impressed by the level of patient satisfaction that I saw, as well as the compassion and dedication of the staff and the commitment to improving the lives of every patient,” says Dr. Berger, of his decision to join Chiro-Med. “I’m excited to work with the multitude of therapies and treatments available to ensure satisfactory outcomes for patients as well as educate them to ensure long-term success.”

Outside the office

Dr. Berger grew up in Mokena and currently resides in New Lenox with his wife, Danielle, and his twin toddlers, Isla and Reese. When not in the office you can generally find him exploring one of the many great local trails. “It was important to me that I stay close to my roots, so joining the Chiro-Med staff was an easy decision as it allowed me to continue to serve this community I love so much. I would like to invite you and your family to reach out to see how we might be a good fit to help you reach your healthcare goals. I look forward to meeting you.”

Chiropractor Orland Park IL Vincent Krishna Parameswar Meet The Team

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Dr. Krishna D. Parameswar

Dr. Krishna Parameswar is board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He completed his residency training at RUSH University Medical Center in Chicago, IL. He attended medical school at the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in Guadalajara, Mexico. Dr. Parameswar is fluent in Spanish.

Dr. Parameswar’s focus is on improving his patient’s quality of life and level of function through the use of narcotic and non-narcotic pain medications as well as guiding them through physical therapy. His practice philosophy is to manage pain without compromising a patient’s ability to lead an active and productive lifestyle. In addition, he uses EMGs to assist in diagnosing and confirming the neurologic origins of pain.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine
  • Illinois Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Chiropractor Orland Park IL Vincent Tupper Meet The Team

Pain Management Specialist

Dr. Vincent Tupper

Dr. Vincent Tupper is an Interventional Pain Management Specialist in Crown Point, Indiana. He graduated with honors from Umdnj-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in 2014.

Having more than 5 years of diverse experience, especially in Interventional Pain Management and Anesthesiology.  Dr. Vincent Tupper affiliates with many hospitals including Pinnacle Hospital, Franciscan Health Olympia & Chicago Heights, St. Mary Medical Center Inc, Community Hospital, St Catherine Hospital Inc, and cooperates with other doctors and specialists without joining any medical groups.

Chiropractic Orland Park IL Lori Carroll

Administrative Assistant

Lori Carroll

Lori has worked in the medical field for over 34 years after graduating from the Bryman School for Medical Assisting. Since that time she had worked for a General Practitioner for eight years and was trained as a P.A. She later worked for an allergist for six years.

She first met Dr. Miller in 1995 as a patient. In 1998, Lori joined the staff of integrative medicine doctors at Orland Park Integrated Health, and started working as a CA. She has worked her way to being our administrative assistant for the Orland Park Clinic. In this position, she manages the flow of the office and tends to patient needs along with other administrative responsibilities.

Lori has been married to her husband Mike for 38 years. They have two beautiful daughters and are now grandparents for the first time to another beautiful little girl.

Chiropractic Orland Park IL Lauren Skarupa

Insurance Specialist

Lauren Skarupa

Lauren joined the Chiro-Med team in 2011 employed as a chiropractic assistant. She is now responsible for a multitude of tasks in our office including front desk duties, billing and collections.

She is extremely knowledgeable regarding insurance verification of benefits, submitting paperwork to help establish medical necessity for treatment, and helping patients to handle any possible denials from the insurance companies. Lauren is extremely service oriented and is excited to help patients improve their health through effective patient scheduling and keeping patient care as affordable as possible. When Lauren is not at the office, she loves spending time with her husband and daughter.

Chiropractic Orland Park IL Tyler Maka

Chiropractic Assisant

Tyler Maka

I have been working in the field of chiropractic for over 3 years. I began my career as a Chiropractic Assistant while studying Human Biology/ Pre-Med. I have been working with Dr. Miller, Dr. Shehab and the team since 2018.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many great patients and continue to meet more great people every day. It is an awesome experience to be able to help patients get well and really have a big impact on the future of their health. Being able to work closely with patients in the chiropractic/medical office has inspired me to pursue an education in Medicine/Chiropractic at University of Illinois-Chicago. My experience at Chiro-Med Health & Wellness Center has continued to affirm and prove the importance and commitment of helping patients live a healthier lifestyle.

Chiropractic Orland Park IL Jada Meet The Team

Medical Receptionist

Jada Phelps

Hello! My name is Jada Phelps. I work as a Medical Receptionist at Chiro-Med Health and Wellness Center in Orland Park, IL. I have worked in the medical field for four years now and have enjoyed every second of it.

I Iove to build relationships with patients and help them to achieve their personal healthcare goals though my understanding of chiropractic treatment, pain management and physical therapy. I help patients to understand their treatment scheduling and insurance information. My goal is to make every patient’s experience a great one!

Chiropractic Orland Park IL Jessa Meet The Team

Chiropractic Assistant

Jessa Phelps

Hi, my name is Jessa. I am new to Chiro-Med and I’m thrilled to have joined the team! I’m excited to begin building relationships with my fellow employees and patients. Here, I hope to gain hands-on experience that will help me pursue a future career in the medical field. I look forward to meeting you!

Chiropractic Orland Park IL Mia Elizondo Meet The Team

Chiropractic Assistant

Mia Elizondo

Hi, my name is Mia, and I have been working with Chiro-Med for almost a year now. It’s been such an amazing opportunity to have a chance to meet all the patients that come in.

I’m currently in college and hope to pursue a career one day in the medical field. Chiro-med has provided incredible insight to see patients get better every day. My experience makes me want to continue to help others in the future.


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